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XFLO Water Filter

XFLO Water Filter easily installs under the counter and filters water at 3 GPM, or ultra-high capacity. Filters micro-organisms, fluoride & chlorine, and heavy metals like Lead, Arsenic, Iron & Aluminum.
XFLO Water Filter
or $17/mo


XFLO Water Filter
XFLO Water Filter

Water Softening

Increase in pH inhibits the formation as a hard scale. Instead, a "soft scale" aragonite, forms that does not adhere to surfaces and therefore allows water to soften.

Whole Home

XFLO can filter water for the whole home. Add XFLO sets to filter Hot & Cold at both Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks, add a set for the Washing Machine, and just 1 XFLO for the Dishwasher.

We can now finally afford to have filtered water!

Irot S.

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Universal Fit

Install XFLO at any valve you choose: kitchen sinks, bathroom faucets, washing machines & dishwashers, and as a pre-filter for reverse osmosis.



Detailed set of instructions are located here & in video section above.


Stainless steel compression hose is included. XFLO comes complete & ready to install.