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Water Filter


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✅ Under counter water filter

✅ Ultra High Capacity

✅ 5 Year Lifetime

✅ Filters micro-organisms, fluoride & chlorine, and heavy metals like Lead, Arsenic, Iron & Aluminum.

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XFLO Water Filter ultra high capacity
Full Water Pressure

XFLO filters before the tap at Ultra-High Capacity. Safely integrates into the home, office or apartment with little to no maintenance.

XFLO Water Filter filtering water
XFLO Ionexx water filter install
Water Softening

Increase in pH inhibits the formation as a hard scale. Instead, a "soft scale" aragonite, forms that does not adhere to surfaces and therefore allows water to soften.

Easy Install

Install at whatever valve you choose; kitchen sinks, bathroom faucets, washing machines and dishwashers - and can be used as a pre-filter for reverse osmosis.

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Detailed set of instructions are accessible via link below & video in section above.


Compression hose is sold separate from the link below. Cost $5-7.

Int'l Compatible

XFLO universal design is compatible with international plumbing standards.

2+ GPM

Water is filtered at 2+ Gallons Per Minute or full water pressure.