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XFLO Water Filter

XFLO Water Filter easily installs under the counter and filters water at 3 GPM, or ultra-high capacity. Filters micro-organisms, fluoride & chlorine, and heavy metals like Lead, Arsenic, Iron & Aluminum.
XFLO Water Filter
or $14/mo


XFLO Water Filter
XFLO Water Filter

Whole Home

XFLO can filter water for the whole home. Add XFLO sets to filter Hot & Cold at both Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks, add a set for the Washing Machine, and just 1 XFLO for the Dishwasher.

Water Softening

Increase in pH inhibits the formation as a hard scale. Instead, a "soft scale" aragonite, forms that does not adhere to surfaces and therefore allows water to soften.

Universal Fit

Install XFLO at any valve you choose: kitchen sinks, bathroom faucets, washing machines & dishwashers, and as a pre-filter for reverse osmosis.

We can now finally afford to have filtered water!

Irot S.


5/5 Stars  



Stainless steel compression hose is included. XFLO comes complete & ready to install.


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